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GDP Vs S&P 500 & Earnings Growth (Source: Real Investment Advice)

August 20.png

Comparison of Current Asset Class Yields & Historical Ranges ('85 through May '21)

August 16.png

Annualized Returns (Source: GMO)

August 11.png

Reversion to the Mean (Source: Robert Shiller)

August 10.png

Real Earnings Growth by Decade (Source: Robert Shiller)

August 9.png

S&P and Barclays Aggregate Return (Source: Zephyr StyleADVISOR)

July 17.png

Historical Annual Return (Source: Morningstar Direct Data)

August 8.png

Average annual tax drag for 5 years ending December 2020 (Source: Morningstar

August 2.png

The high cost of investor behavior 1984-2020 (Source: Russell Investor Group)

August 1.png

Tight credit spreads show the need for selectivity (Source: Capital Group)

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