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Asset Allocation

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10-year return projections for the liquid asset classes


Concentration measured as percent of total market capitalization of the S&P 500 since 1995


Rolling three-year returns annualized (100% Stock vs. 60/40 Portfolio) since 1979


Value Has Underperformed since 2006 (Source: RAF Indices)

August 28.png

Comparison of current asset class yields & historical ranges since 1985

August 16.png

Historical Annual Return (Source: Morningstar Direct Data)

August 8.png

Ownership of US corporate stock (Source: Tax Policy Center, 2019)

July 23.png

Asset-class return outlooks (Source: Vanguard Investment Strategy Group)

July 21.png

Annual returns by asset class


Shiller P/E ratio across Europe, US and EM


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